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Scrum Training

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Scrum Training in Pune

CADD Centre is a well-known institute for Scrum Training in Pune. Scrum (a term borrowed from Rugby game) is a new method of accomplishing more results in less time. The two distinguishing characters of Rugby are: it is organized around small teams (usually about 7 members) and is based on what is known as the sprint, “a short, sustainable burst of activity with plenty of time for review and reflection built in”.

The key highlights of Scrum are team collaboration; focus on delivering the potentially shippable product or product features; daily review/standup meetings to check the progress regularly; and stakeholder interaction that ensures that developers and customers are on the same page when every product feature gets added or project milestone/goal gets achieved.

Join our Scrum Training in Pune and enhance your skills to get the dream job in the industry.  The Scrum workflow consists of six broad stages. It begins with product backlog. The product backlog is a list of all to-dos required to complete a project or develop a product. The to-do lists are written as user stories. The stories capture the requirements of users mostly in their own language. The second stage of a Scrum project is planning. The team plans about all aspects of how the to-dos in the product backlog can be done.

Scrum Training in Pune is the most demanding because Scrum is used in all industries and in making all types of products from software to spaceships. If you are associated with an organization at any managerial levels or if you are a project manager, training in Scrum and all its methodologies will change the way you work, plan and think. Synergy offers basic and advanced Scrum courses.

Scrum Training Courses in Pune

The Scrum Training courses in Pune at CADD Centre are delivered by certified Scrum trainers.  The most important to-do is selected as a sprint. The sprint is a specific activity to create a minimum viable product within a specified time. Usually, sprint schedules are short, anywhere from four hours to four weeks. However, the important criterion is that every sprint is designed to result in a potentially shippable product or product feature.

Our Scrum Training in Pune is very effective. Scrum gives more importance to people than process. It achieves business goals on the strength of teamwork, regular communication, and common sense. Scrum was born out of the belief that no one should spend their lives in doing meaningless work. It makes work people-centred and processes sane and enjoyable.

With our Scrum Training in Pune, every Scrum project has a Product Owner, Scrum Master, and team members. The product owner’s primary responsibility is to prepare the user stories/to-dos. He or she decides what-to-dos would bring the most value to the project and organizes those things get done first, and decide on the overall direction of the project. While that of the Scrum Master is to facilitate the progress of the project. The Scrum Master may not have a management.