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Be ready to crack emerging opportunities CADD Centre introduces a comprehensive course in Electric Vehicle Technology

Learn upcoming Automotive Industry trend and Become Expert in Electric Vehicle Technology

In the present scenario most of the automotive companies are switching to Electric Vehicle. Upcoming years are going to see the transformation in automotive industries in India. The entire giant player in industry like TATA, Mahindra, Hyundai, Maruti Suzuki, Renault, Kia and MG already launched Electric Vehicle in India.
This is an upcoming technology which is just introduced in the Indian roads, so there is lots of shortage in talent & skills. There is no proper curriculum available in Universities.
CADD Centre proudly launches a solution to resolve the issue of skills requirements for Electric Vehicle Industry. We are introducing a complete training on Electric Vehicle Technology with 10 detail modules. Initally we announced training for 2 modules:

  • Electric Vehicle Technology & Operations
  • Battery Technologies & Design

Become Expert in Electric Vehicles Technology

Check Location for Learning AutoCAD Architecture Training Centre in Pune;

  • Electric Vehicle Course in Aundh Pune near Shivaji Nagar
  • Electric Vehicle in Pune Satara Road near Swargate
  • Electric Vehicle Course in kondhwa Pune near Hadapsar
  • Electric Vehicle Course in Pimple Saudagar Pune near Pimpri-Chinchwad

Top! 6 steps – Quickly! Get a Job in Electric Vehicle Industry

To Quickly Get Job on Electric Vehicle Industry is very easy, when you follow these steps…

  • Learning Approach should be Practical oriented
  • Understanding the fundamentals of Electric Vehicles.
  • Classify different job roles available in EV industry & prepare accordingly.
  • There are lots of sub domain structures available in EV Industry.
  • Identify the most suitable profile and upgrade your skills on that.
  • Approach to the EV industry directly with required skills.

Check out more… Detail Steps to Get Quickly! Get a Job in Electric Vehicle Industry

7 Benefits! Why Electric Vehicle industry is a great choice to make your career

Today’s automotive industry is seeking the alternative options for renewable energy. Pollution is crossing its dangerous level in various cities in India. Running cost of a vehicle is too high because of expensive fuels. So the only alternative solutions available are Electric Vehicles. Electric Vehicle Technology is the best training available to learn its fundamentals, design, and manufacturing and market requirements. If the question will arrives in your mind that what is the Scope in Industry? Then there is no competitor & automotive industry already started to change their plants from conventional engine manufacturing & Assembly unit to Electric Vehicles.

Learn more about 7 Benefit! Why you must learn Electric Vehicle Technology

Current News about Electric Vehicle Industry

Tata, Maruti Suzuki, Mahindra, Hyundai, Renault, Nissan, Kia, MG etc. already launched their Electric Vehicle Model. Some are offering Hybrid Electric Vehicle & some are offering Battery Electric Vehicle. 3 Lacs of Vehicles already sold in India as of March 2019, which is only 2% of all the vehicles in market. Government has taken some initiative to support Electrical Vehicle Industries such as NEMM (National Electricity Mobility Mission) Plan 2020, FAME (Fast Adoption of Manufacturing Electric Vehicles), Startup Communities, etc.

Get more detail information of Current News about Electric Vehicle

Difference between ICE Vehicles & Electric Vehicles?

Below in table find main difference between ICE Vehicles Industry & Electric Vehicles Industry.

ICE Vehicles IndustryHybrid Electric Vehicle IndustryElectric Vehicles Industry
Saturate Market! Stop Support By Every GovernmentCurrent Running Market & Government agree to support till Battery invention is carryout100% Open market and Promotion by Every Government & Funded to R&D
Can’t afford Costly Environment DamageReduce pollution % drastically100% Environment Friendly
Research & Development is stoppedLot of R&D centre established and lot of successful vehicle launched.Various Research Development centres are opening in non-conventional energy sources such as Wind, Solar, water, etc…
IC Engine is more costly as per the power required and lots of power is wasteIt is more costly than IC engine and electrical vehicle.Electrical motor is economically more cheaper than IC Engine and power generation is 100% utilized
In IC Engine Vehicle Industrial vendors are saturated and result in no more development in new job opportunities.Lot of new vendor companies are successfully settled down in the market.EV Technology is new and number of new vendor’s industrial development is growing results in lots of new job openings.
R&D is trying to invent how to transform vehicle in hybrid mode.More successful vehicle running in the world with hybrid design.For sustainable transportation EV technology is collaborating with IC Engine manufacturing industries
New market is open to covert IC Engine vehicle to Hybrid CarThis is the most suitable model to achieve power in remote area also.Till struggling in market to position a EV Car in market as first customer choice

Experts! Tips & Trick in Electric Vehicle in tutorials format

CADD Centre Design Studio believes that every engineer should become expert in Electric Vehicle Industry. For self-Study numbers of Tips & Trick in Electric Vehicle Technology are covered in various formats like Video, PDF, PPT, and DOC etc… Find out below various Tutorials to download...

Download Electric Vehicle tutorials;

  • Electric Vehicle Technology tutorial Video list in YouTube
  • Interview Questions & Answers on Electric Vehicle PDF
  • Electric Vehicle Technology PPT
  • Solved Exercise to Quickly Learn Electric Vehicle Technology PDF
  • FAQs Electric Vehicle Technologies PDF
  • Info about industrial requirements of Electric Vehicle Technologies
  • Electric Vehicle Technologies Course Syllabus at CADD Centre Design Studio PDF
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