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Revit Architecture Training Institute

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Revit Architecture Training Institute in Pune

CADD Centre is a well-known Revit Architecture Training Institute in Pune. Revit Architecture is software which helps in capturing and analyzing design concepts. It is made specifically for BIM (Building Information Modeling). Revit Architecture precisely maintains the coordinated design data with the help of construction and documentation.

At our Revit Architecture Training Institute in Pune, the course aims to make the participants productive by giving them the ability to produce drawings and redefine images of buildings. Covering the basics of Revit Architecture, This course will assist in the creation of schematic design through construction documentation. Besides, it will assist you navigate user interface, architectural objects like floor, walls, windows, roofs, and stairs.

Students who enroll in our Revit Architecture Training Institute in Pune will learn:

  • Exploring User Interface
  • Building information modeling
  • Conceptual modeling using massing
  • Presenting the model of building
  • Working with Revit Elements
  • Creating railing and stairs
  • Managing view, documentation and schedules
  • Controlling visibility of object
  • Using editing commands for adding walls

Best Revit Architecture Training Institute in Pune

The course at our Revit Architecture Training Institute in Pune is specially designed for beginners or new Revit Architecture users who want to learn the essentials of this course. This course is perfect for the one who is looking for a practical course which equips you will skill to build stunning designs and start earning right pay. This course is structured in an easy way starting from basic concepts to more advanced level applications. With the help of this course from our Revit Architecture Training Institute in Pune construction professionals will be able to move ahead at the learning curve of Building Information Modeling. It is a system that is currently dominating the industry, and floats a high demand for competent professionals.

At CADD Centre, best Revit Architecture Training Institute in Pune, we provide the most comprehensive and cost-effective course; you will be found on the web. There is no prior CAD experience is required to take this course. But, drafting, engineering, or architectural experience will be plus point to gain expertise in Revit Architecture.


  • Introduction to BIM & Revit Architecture
  • Place and Modify Walls and Complex Walls
  • Add and modify wall profiles
  • Place doors, windows & components
  • Dimensions and Constrains
  • Create floors and ceilings
  • Curtain walls & stairs
  • Conceptual models
  • Annotation & schedules
  • Sheets and Title Blocks
  • Views, Camera, Walk-through, Render & Solar Study
  • In-place families
  • Family creations
  • Site design
  • Link projects & collaboration
  • Design phase
  • Realistic presentations
  • Import & Export
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