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NX Nastran Classes

NX Nastran

Nx Nastran is a finite element (FE) solver for stress, vibration, buckling, structural failure, heat transfer, acoustics and aeroelasticity analyses. Nastran Classes In Pimpri Chinchwad Pune are conducted at CADD Centre Pune. Nastran is a finite element analysis (FEA) program that was originally developed for NASA in the late 1960s under United States government funding for the aerospace industry.

NX Nastran Advanced simulation use for structural Analysis with different material. By using Nastran solver and command of 3D tetrahedral meshing, Fixed constrained at the end of beam, and force applied on Face of beam.Final result is showed in Displacement-Nodal, Rotational-Nodal, Stress-Element,Stress-Element-Nodal,Reaction Force-Nodal.

Nastran Classes In Pimpri Chinchwad Pune Brief description about NX Advanced Simulation, model prepearing, pre-processing, solution and post processing.Breakout modeling is a Finite Element technique of FEMAP that allows you to evaluate stresses for a portion of an overall model. In breakout modeling, mechanical engineering student will has to know:

  • Analyze the overall structure, using a coarse mesh, and then solve for displacements.
  • Create breakout models and critical stress locations using a fine mesh.
  • Map the displacement results from the overall model to the cut faces of the breakout model.
  • Solve the breakout model and evaluate stresses.

CADD Centre Pune course has step by step to conduct a steady state thermal analysis in NX CAE Nastran Classes In Pimpri Chinchwad Pune. All the number I input in this case is arbitrary, because I'm focus on to show the steps how to do.NX Nastran is a multidisciplinary structural analysis application used by engineers to perform static, dynamic, and thermal analysis across the linear and nonlinear domains, complemented with automated structural optimization and fatigue analysis technologies.

The ability to train engineers and bring them up to speed with the skills necessary to participate and add value to projects is an expensive and time consuming process. NX Nastran training offers over a NX Nastran instructor-led training courses in a classroom and using NX Nastran software.

CADD Centre Pune offer the training courses in an interactive format with from subject matter experts, workshops, demos, lectures and workshop review questions that accelerate the training process. During this NX Nastran Software will present some NX Nastran training that is available in the various resources in Nastran Classes In Pimpri Chinchwad Pune. The NX Nastran Reference Guide & Exercise cantina step by step problem with theoretical classes.

NX Nastran provides the engineer with various methods to solve finite element models. Several topics will be discussed to reduce runtimes and get the best performance from the solver.Nastran is a premium (CAE) tool that major manufacturers worldwide rely on for their critical engineering computing needs to produce safe, reliable and optimized designs within increasingly shorter design cycle times. Major industry including aerospace, defense, automotive, shipbuilding, heavy machinery, medical and consumer products. An industry standard for the computer-aided analysis of stress, vibration, structural failure/durability, heat transfer, noise/acoustics and flutter/aeroelasticity are carried out in NX Nastran software.

NX Nastran Steps To Learn



80 hours


Courseware Issued

NX Nastran Reference Guide

  • Finite element analysis
  • NX Nastran overview
  • Geometry abstraction
  • Geometry idealization
  • Specifying materials
  • Meshing the geometry
  • Model checking process
  • Defining boundary conditions
  • Solving the FE model
  • Post-processing the solution
  • Generating reports

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Bhor Rupali Anil

The Secrete of design engineer, I discover in CADD Centre. The technique of teaching is such that, I solved my all engineering drowning books in one day by attending only 7 days classes. Reading drawing is really easy but that was difficult for me. Become expertise in Car & Product Designing was the aim they teach every day. CADD Centre is one of the most respected brand, I recommend you must visit this CADD centre before joining any other institute.

Suraj Sahebrao Birajdar

I said to my Dad, I want to become design engineer as you are. I told him I want to work in Mercedes Benz in my 2nd year. Dad called CADD Centre & told me to attend the classes. Now, I am working with Mercedes Benz & today my daughter said to me, I want to work in Ferrari Company. So I remember CADD Centre & visited. I Surprised! One of the student won the award for creating a Ferrari model. Now CADD Centre is equipped with latest technology & I saw a design hub there.

Sawant Pawan Balasaheb

Truly Product design training Centre. I wanted to work in designing field, but not getting any job. After joining a course of product design in CADD Centre. I came to know here, what kind of designing work in industry is happening. CADD CENTRE stimulates the same designing work in each class,  they are expert in this. 30 days before completion of my course, I have given an interview at Thermax Company and cracked it, in first attempt. Training cost is also moderate, I say “Double Paisa Wasool” Blindly, join here.

Shinde Maroti Dagdoji

My CAR Design passion made true by CADD CENTRE. I become car design engineer so easily, “I Surprised”! In short here, CAR Design course provides… Conceptual Deep Knowledge of designing. Very concerned about my learning skills. They track my each day of class. Overall infrastructure & facilities are good. Many domain exercises gets solved. Life time experience I carry at CADD Centre

Aashirvad Jeevanrao Vishvbramhe

I become the master of building design. My thought was I should work as a site engineer. Today in my college CADD Centre has given free 7 days AutoCAD training for 2nd year students. I realized how civil designing work happens. The software tool & IS Codes made designing job so easy that makes my designing career. Yes civil engineer are designing the world landscape. CADD Centre is a real design Studio for developing career.

Sachin Subhash Mode

We spent money on all the engineering tuition. But CADD CENTRE is the only, that brought a diverse pool of designing job career which gave us more choices. The building design course was developed such as 2D / 3D drawing, structural Analysis, quantities take off & project management.My learning experience was awesome. Also learning costs was very less than I spent in engineering tuition. CADD Centre is one of the most respected brand, I recommend you must visit this CADD Centre before joining any other tuition.

Amruta Jitendra Dure

CADD Centre became as my family member. Very passionate about building design as my whole family is in construction.  My dream was to become the best building designer & with CADD Centre it is achieved. They take me to each level of building design details. My each day of class becomes innovative. Many times I was struggling, but they take me on track & they are expert in this. CADD Centre is the best Coach.

Shubham Sanjay Pawar

I surprised! I became a building designer.  Doing job as a site engineer becomes very difficult. Switching job profile gives me tension so I joined at CADD Centre.  As my experience of site engineer, they club with Building designing tools. Teaching methods is so easy that it cuts out my all fears of software.  Only In 6 months, I am sitting with designing team in NIEL Soft Company. Trust me! Blindly join this CADD Centre.

Gaurav Ravindra Bagul

My Art career created by CADD Centre. I was thinking, that there is no future for me. In a seminar at my college, I came to know about interior designing software. I joined interior designing course at CADD Centre. They gave me basic to advance deep Knowledge of interior designing. They are Very concerned about my learning skills. They track my each day of class. I become so confident & I got job in architectural farm. I recommend every Art student to make career with CADD Centre.

Bhagyashri Shingote

My hobby become my income” I am frequently redesigning my house as I am from art background At party everyone get together & recognizing my house interior.I surprised!! They told me to design our home & I did. Onward, my interior designing hobby was completed by CADD CENTRE. They get through each details of interior designing with 3D software. CADD CENTRE is the “Dream Maker”.

Neha Pandit Chaudhari

Marvelous Training attended at CADD Centre. As an interior designing freelancer, the training let me to become an expert. The training was so fantastic that my self-image realized to my designing knowledge. CADD Centre infrastructure & interior is a learning for me & that inspire me. Customized timing & individual trainer completed my training in shorter time. Good training Centre, Blindly join!!

Maid Aishwarya Ram

My Dad is one of the best Architect & he was my inspiration. In his farm there was a training from CADD Centre & Dad has told me to attend. I surprised! In training, the trainer put me in trouble as he told me to become in charge of this training, as I am not knowing ABC of this training. The whole training become such as we are working on a live project & solving each details of project complications. My journey started to become Architecture Designer & it is skilful by CADD CENTRE.

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